About Gun Owners of New Hampshire

GO-NH, Inc. is an organization of citizens who seek to educate, inform, and alert the public, the media, and elected officials on matters related to firearms and firearms related civil rights and freedoms.

GO-NH Monthly Meetings

3rd Tuesday of Each Month
Time: 7:00 PM
Holiday Inn 172 N. Main Street, Concord NH 03301

To Educate, Inform, and Alert the Public and Media. To Protect and Defend the Rights of Peaceful, Law-Abiding Citizens.

Debunking Gun Control

Here are some links with info showing the failure of laws which disarm law-abiding citizens. Gun Facts:  A quick reference guide for the public on gun control issues by Guy Smith How to Win the Gun Control Debate in Favor of Guns: A great article discussing strategy,...

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2018 Primary Election Guide and Candidate Ratings

Date: September 2018   New Hampshire District 1 Democrat Primary Candidate Name GO-NH Grade Naomi Andrews D Paul Cardinal D Mark S. Mackenzie D William Martin C- Deaglan McEachern D Terence O’Rourke C- Chris Pappas D Levi Sanders D Lincoln Soldati D Maura Sullivan D Republican Primary Michael...

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