Minuteman Alert: Contact the Representatives of the Municipal and County Government Committee


Gun Owners of New Hampshire, Inc. – Official·Friday, February 16, 2018

Please contact the Representatives of the Municipal and County Government Committee and ask them to ITL CACR 19-FN. You can contact them collectively via email at HouseMunicipalandCountyGovt@leg.state.nh.us ; or individually at:

James Belanger (R) at jim.belanger@leg.state.nh.us

Franklin Sterling (R) at fwsterling@comcast.net

Mark McLean (R) at mark.mclean@leg.state.nh.us

Frank McCarthy (R) at serendipity922@gmail.com

Carolyn Matthews (R) at Carolyn.Matthews@leg.state.nh.us

Richard Tripp (R) at richard.tripp@leg.state.nh.us

Bruce Tatro (D) at bruce.tatro@leg.state.nh.us

John Bordenet (D) at John.Bordenet@leg.state.nh.us

Timothy Josephson (D) at Timothy.Josephson@leg.state.nh.us

Debra DeSimone (R) at debra.desimone@leg.state.nh.us

Francis Gauthier (R) at fgauthier1776@gmail.com

Vincent Paul Migliore (R) at vpmigliore@leg.state.nh.us (bill sponsor)

Jane Beaulieu (D) at Jane.Beaulieu@leg.state.nh.us

David Meader (D) at meader281@gmail.com

Steven Rand (D) at rstevenrand@yahoo.com (bill sponsor)

Francis Chase (R) at CHD5100@outlook.com

Brian Stone (R) at brian03261@gmail.com

Clyde Carson (D) at Clyde.Carson@leg.state.nh.us

Susan Treleaven (D) at streleaven@comcast.net

Julie Gilman (D) at gilmanjd@comcast.net.