Despite the overwhelming win by the Democrats in the House, the first two bills affecting the second amendment community do so for the better and GONH will have representatives testifying at both hearings to show our support of these bills. However, we ask that you contact your representatives on this democratic controlled committee to tell them you want these bills to pass as well. Below, please find their contact information.

First, HB 218 (scheduled for January 9th at 2:00 p.m. in room 204) seeks to amend RSA 627:5, II, which currently allows law enforcement officers to use deadly force when effecting an arrest or preventing an escape of certain persons. This amendment will strike the language regarding the use of deadly force when effecting arrests, thereby only allowing the use of deadly force when preventing the escape of certain persons.

Second, HB 282 (scheduled for January 9th at 2:30 p.m. in room 204) seeks to amend RSA 206:26, VI to require Fish & Game officers seeking to effect and stop and/or search to have probable cause and a warrant before doing so. Currently, Fish & Game officers do not have to obtain a warrant and need only meet the lesser burden of articulable suspicion.

Chairman Robert Renny Cushing (D), (603)926-2737, Email: renny.cushing@leg.state.nh.us
Vice Chairman, Beth Rodd (D), (603)938-2692, Email: Beth.Rodd@leg.state.nh.us
Rep. Laura Pantelakos(D), (603)436-2148, Email: lcpantelakos@comcast.net
Rep. Andrew O’Hearne(D), ‪(603)558-1038‬, Email: Andrew.OHearne@leg.state.nh.us‬
Rep. Linn Opderbecke(D), (603)742-4119, Email: linn.opderbecke@leg.state.nh.us
Rep. John Bordenet(D), (603)352-0680, Email: John.Bordenet@leg.state.nh.us
Rep. David Meuse(D), (No phone), Email: David.Meuse@leg.state.nh.us
Nancy Murphy(D), (603)424-0254, Email: Nancy.Murphy@leg.state.nh.us
Ray Newman(D), (603)880-8973, Email: Ray.Newman@leg.state.nh.us
Julie Radhakrishnan(D), (603)321-1965, Email: Julie.Radhakrishnan@leg.state.nh.us
Sandy Swinburne(D), (603)876-4173, Email: Sandy.Swinburne@leg.state.nh.us
David Welch(R), (603)642-4402, Email: welch4016@outlook.com
Dennis Fields(R), (603)528-6224, Email: dennis.fields@leg.state.nh.us
John Burt(R), (603)624-5084, Email: john.burt@leg.state.nh.us
Dennis Green(R), (603)234-7776, Email: Dennis.Green@leg.state.nh.us
Jody McNally(R), (603)330-7655, Email: mcnally_jody_usmc@yahoo.com
Dave Testerman(R), (603)320-9524, Email: dave@sanbornhall.net
Scott Wallace(R), (603)642-6379, Email: Scott.Wallace@leg.state.nh.us
Daryl Abbas(R), (603)560-1929, Email: Daryl.Abbas@leg.state.nh.us

Mitchell W. Kopacz
Gun Owners of New Hampshire