Image of the Bill of Rights (United States Con...
Image of the Bill of Rights (United States Constitution) cropped to show just the Second Amendment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In response to the tragedy that occurred in Parkland, Florida, Senator Martha Hennessey of District 5, without notice, offered an unprecedented floor amendment to SB 357 that gives authority to school boards to determine whether to prohibit the possession of firearms in a safe school zone. The effect is that local school boards will have the power to infringe on your Right to Bear Arms.

This bill is not about making schools safer, Senator Hennessey is utilizing the Parkland tragedy to further her goal to diminish the Second Amendment. On the day of the Parkland tragedy, Florida already had statutes prohibiting firearms in school zones. That enabled shooter, Nikolas Cruz, to walk his criminal intentions through the doors of Parkland school and complete his criminal act with the surety that not one person was in a position to defend either themselves or the children.
Senator Hennessey now seeks to provide that same safety to any would-be criminals with similar intent here in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, in Florida the House and Senate are seeking to end gun-free school zones and arm their teachers to deter potential would be attackers and defend against them.
Therefore, while Florida, who have suffered this tragedy seeks to take common-sense measures to deter and defend against these tragedies, Senator Hennessey is seeking to gain momentum in limiting our Right to Bear Arms by capitalizing on the tragedy. Do not allow this to happen. Contact the members of the Senate Education Committee and tell them to vote against SB 357.


Mitchell W. Kopacz
President Gun Owners of New Hampshire