Here is a short reading list of books that could help increase your gun, gun rights, and Second Amendment knowledge.

Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control – By: Don B. Kates Jr and Gary Kleck

The Bill of Rights: Creation and Reconstruction By: Akhil Reed Amar

Boston’s Gun Bible By: Boston T. Party

The Concealed Handgun Manual: How to Choose, Carry, And Shoot a Gun in Self Defense By: Chris Bird

Effective Defense: The Women, The Plan, The Gun By: Gila May-Hayes

The Federalist Papers: In Modern Language and Indexed Edited by: Mary E. Webster

The Gun Control Debate: You Decide Edited by: Lee Nisbet

Gun Laws of America By: Alan Korwin and Michael Anthony

Origins and Development of the Second Amendment Edited by: David T. Hardy

Target Switzerland By: Stephen P. Halbrook

To Keep and Bear Arms By: Joyce Lee Malcolm