What you need to know

Red Flag Laws empower a judge to issue orders enabling law enforcement to confiscate guns from persons deemed a risk to themselves or others.  In the wake of recent school shootings, at least two dozen states have passed or are considering such laws. Here in New Hampshire, Governor Sununu has formed a School Safety Task Force to study school safety and advance solutions.  Under consideration are Red Flag Laws.

From Gun Owners of America

Dear Friend:

It appears that Republican officials in Concord are flirting with the so-called “red flag” laws, properly known as “Gun Confiscation Orders”.  Sadly, Governor Sununu packed his school safety task force with enemies of the Second Amendment and no pro-gun Representatives at all, so it should come as no surprise that the task force recently recommended a study as to whether to authorize Gun Confiscation Orders here in New Hampshire.

Under this nightmarish legislation (sugar-coated as “Red Flag Laws”), the police or an angry “ex” could convene a (literally) secret proceeding to strip you of your Second, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.  We know from experience that whenever the accuser is the only party in the room at these Orwellian “ex parte” proceedings, the Judge will go-along and sign a ham sandwich if put in front of him or her. Analogously, you may recall that a New Mexico woman was able to obtain a restraining order against David Letterman because she said that he was “sending her coded messages over her TV set”!  In the unfortunate event that you become such a victim, the first you will learn of it is when the police knock on your door to ransack your home, and if necessary, place you under arrest, or perhaps even shoot you if you resist – a ‘la’ Waco and Ruby Ridge.

The Anti- Gun weasels pushing these Bloomberg-crafted proposals will claim that you have been afforded “Due Process” because you have the “right” to hire an attorney and an expert witness (at the cost of some $10,000-$20,000) to convince a judge that he made a mistake.  This approach, however, is never successful – never!!!

Well, right now Governor Sununu and your state senator and representatives are about to ask for your vote.  And they will assure you of their support for the Second Amendment.  You  MUST make it clear to them that no one who supports Gun Confiscation Orders, supports the Second Amendment!

Presently, Governor Sununu and the Executive Council have called the legislature back for a special session to explore ways to protect New Hampshire businesses from other states’ taxing authorities.  However, they could very easily add gun confiscation orders to a tax bill. So far their business has been focused on the sales tax issue, but since gun confiscation is ever-present in the mind of Senate Majority Leader, Senator Jeb Bradley (R-3), it is entirely possible that he will attempt to hijack the sale tax bill and add gun confiscation to it. This is why it is urgent that your Senators and Representatives hear from you NOW. Please urge your lawmakers to resist any form of gun control.

Yours in Freedom,

Michael Hammond

Legislative Council, GOA