Date: September 2018


New Hampshire District 1

Democrat Primary
Candidate Name GO-NH Grade
Naomi Andrews D
Paul Cardinal D
Mark S. Mackenzie D
William Martin C-
Deaglan McEachern D
Terence O’Rourke C-
Chris Pappas D
Levi Sanders D
Lincoln Soldati D
Maura Sullivan D
Republican Primary
Michael Callis NR
Eddie Edwards A
Michael Callis B
Andy Sanborn A
Libertarian Primary
Dan Belforti C


New Hampshire District 2

Democrat Primary
Candidate Name GO-NH Grade
Ann Kuster (Incumbent) F
Republican Primary
Brian Belanger B
Gerard Beloin B+
Lynne Blankenbeker A
Robert Burns A
Stewart Levinson M.D. A
Jay Mercer NR
Steven Negron A
Libertarian Primary
Tom Alciere B
Justin O’Donnell A


Notes on Grades:

Grade of “C” is essentially a failing grade, and it is expected that such candidate would support gun control legislation.

Grade of “NR” denotes No Rating and indicates non-response to surveys, no voting history, and no position statement on Second Amendment related issues.

Don’t forget about the General Elections.  Make sure you’re registered to vote on November 6th.  You can visit the NRA’s voting center for more information on registering to vote.