Second Amendment Related Legislation Before General Court of New Hampshire (2019 – 2020)

New Hampshire legislators will likely consider around 1,800 bills in 2019 and 2020. Our analysts read every single one of them and summarize them in plain language so you can easily discover what’s really up for debate.

Below are those that are listed under CRIME & PUBLIC SAFETY

Gun laws, marijuana decriminalization, and the death penalty are some of the many issues included in this category.

HB 101 (2019)

Allows a school district, school administrative unit (SAU), or charter school to ban or limit firearms and other weapons on school grounds.

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HB 109 (2019)

Requires commercial sales and transfers of firearms to take place through licensed dealers who are required to perform background checks. If the status of either party’s eligibility to own or possess a firearm cannot be ascertained in a private sale or transfer, the transaction must be completed through a licensed firearm dealer.

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HB 123 (2019)

Requires each school’s emergency response plan to include at least one drill to test emergency response to an armed assailant.

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HB 153 (2019)

Makes law enforcement officer disciplinary records public under the right-to-know law, if there has been a final adjudication involving a death or serious injury due to the officer using a firearm, where the officer was found guilty of sexual assault, or where there was a sustained finding of dishonesty by the officer (e.g. perjury, false statements, concealing evidence).

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HB 208 (2019)

Expands the allowable use of physical force for self-defense within a person’s home to cover actions taken against someone who is likely to use unlawful force while committing a felony against any person on the property.

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HB 218 (2019)

Removes the legal authority for a law enforcement officer to use deadly force in making an arrest. Deadly force would still be allowed for defense or to prevent escape.

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HB 282 (2019)

Limits the ability of conservation officers to search without a warrant when they suspect violations of hunting and/or fishing laws.

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HB 491 (2019)

Clarifies that refusing to answer an officer’s questions about name, address, business, and destination is not grounds for arrest.

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HB 514 (2019)

Establishes a seven day waiting period for the delivery of a firearm or ammunition. There are some exceptions for rifle or shotgun purchases by hunters, law enforcement officers, and members of the armed forces.

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HB 545 (2019)

Prohibits law enforcement officers from questioning a minor on school property without a parent or guardian present.

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HB 564 (2019)

Makes it a misdemeanor to carry a firearm in a safe school zone. ˙There are some exceptions, like if a person gets permission from the school board.

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HB 687 (2019)

Establishes “extreme risk protection orders,” based on evidence that there is “a significant risk of causing bodily injury to himself or herself or others,” which would require the subject of the order to surrender any firearms to law enforcement. 

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